Garden World Demonstration Client

This page describes the Garden World Demonstration Client which is included with the ADempiere installation.

Garden World

Garden World is a demonstration business that exists as a Client in the ADempiere database. It can be used a demonstration, a sandbox to try business processes or a learning tool. Garden World comes prepared with products, vendors and customers.


Before Garden World can be used as a demo, a few steps should be followed to generate data that is normally generated by the ADempiere server but which has been eliminated from the seed database to reduce space:
  • (Before version 3.8.0) Turn on Immediate posting: Log in as System (System/System/System Administrator) and open the System Configurator Window in the System Admin > General Rules > System Rules menu. Find the "CLIENT_ACCOUNTING" record and change its Value field to "I". Save the record and log out.
By default, documents are posted by the server in an process that occurs at a regular schedule so that the processing doesn't impact operations. For demonstrations, its handy to have the posting data available immediately.
  • (Before version 3.8.0) Set the Garden World client to "Immediate Costing": Log in as GardenAdmin (GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin/Garden Administrator) and open the Client Window window in the System Admin→Client Rules. Select the checkbox for "Cost Immediately".
  • Generate Cost Transactions: Select the Generate Cost Transactions process in the Performance Analysis→Costing menu. Set all the fields to blank and the date to '01/01/1999' then run the process.
  • Run the Client Accounting Processor: Select the Client Accounting Processor process in the Performance Analysis→Accounting Rules menu. Set all the fields to blank and then run the process.


Garden World is a national retail and manufacturing enterprise with a headquarters, a plant that makes fertilizer, and five stores spread across the country. It has a central warehouse at the headquarters which distributes goods to the plant and store warehouses. The company sells plants, fertilizer, lawn furniture and tools.

A Simple Process to Start

Log into the Garden World Client with User ID GardenAdmin and password GardenAdmin. Select the Organization field "Store Central" and Warehouse field "Store Central".
When the log-in completes, you will be presented with a performance screen and a menu of options. For a quick sample of how the software works, try the following:
  • Find and open the Sales Order in the menu under Quote-to-Invoice>Sales Orders > Sales Order.
  • Create a new Sales order (click on the New Record (
    ) icon).
  • Set the following fields:
    • Business Partner to Joe Block
  • Save the record (click on the Save Record (
    ) icon). This completes the order header.
  • Click on the Order Line tab.
  • In the product field, enter "Oak" and <tab> or <enter>. It should find an Oak Tree product and set the prices accordingly.
  • Save the record.
  • Return to the Order header tab and scroll to the bottom. Note the totals are set.
  • Click on the "Complete" button and select "Complete" in the dialog and click on OK (
Congratulations, you've made your first sale with ADempiere!
Now, lets look at what has happened behind the scenes.
On the Order header, you'll note that the document type you just completed is a "POS Order" or Point of Sale order. This is the sort of document that would be completed at a cash register where a customer would buy and carry their item out of the store. (There are even faster ways of doing this with special POS software but behind the scenes, the same document would get completed.) There is no need for shipping or invoices and other complications. But these documents are needed by the system. For the POS Order, they are completed automatically. To see them, click the Zoom Across (
) icon. You'll note a shipment and an invoice. So you have actually completed three documents with this single transaction:
  • A Sales Order which has no accounting consequences (or Facts) on its own, unless you set your system to do Commitment Accounting;
  • A Shipment which debits the sold item from inventory and
  • A Customer Invoice which recognizes the revenue and charges the customer account payable.
To see the Accounting Facts of each document, you can click on the "Posted" button. (If the button says "Not Posted", you need to perform the setup steps above or you can click the button and manually post the document.) The Info Account window opens showing the accounting entries. For the Sales Order, these will be blank, but for the Shipment and Invoice, you'll note the accounting entries that took place.
The rest of the User Guide will use examples from the Garden World Client to illustrate concepts and processes. You can also use the Garden World Client as a sandbox to experiment and try out things without impacting any real production data.