Getting Started

Helpful advice and an introduction to first time users of the ADempiere application.
Welcome to the ADempiere application! You are about to experience a full featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. As an enterprise system, it provides companies with a means to manage their processes, record data, report on that data and make better decisions. Its a complex business so be forewarned - this is a beast of an application and there is lots to learn.
While the software developers endeavor to make things as simple as possible, businesses are necessarily complex and the software has to match that complexity. Every business is also different and the processes that work in one company, may not be appropriate for another. In ADempiere, almost all parts of the application can be customized. If you are working with an installed version of the software, its likely that the System Administrators and Integrators responsible for it have developed numerous customized workflows, processes, reports and what not. You will likely receive specialized training on these things.
This guide is based on the core software as it exists out of the box. There are a few key concepts to learn that will apply to most processes. Once you understand these, you should be able to find your way around without too much difficulty.
If you get lost or don't understand something, don't hesitate to reach out on the community chat (
Lets get started!