Finding Your Way Around the Java Client

This page describes the structure of the Java Client and how to find information.
Once you log in, you will be presented with a window that may have three or four tabs as shown below. If performance measures are defined, the Performance tab will be visible and shown. Otherwise, the first tab displayed will be the Menu.
The initial window showing the performance measures.
Some things to note as you look at the window for the first time:
  • The title bar at the top show who is logged in and what they are logged in to. This is important where there are several possible databases. For example a sandbox database you can "play" in and the production database where things are serious. A quick look at the title bar will prevent you from spending hours working on data in the wrong database. The format of the information is
    • User name ( Role) @ the client . the organization | The app server {The database server, the database name, the database user}
  • Below the title bar is the Application Menu.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the window provides hints on what to do and the results of what you did.
  • Above the status bar are two buttons: Notice; and Requests. Notices are internal messages from the system advising the user that something needs their attention. Requests are typically from a customer and are a request for some sort of action or service. The number beside each shows the number of active items.
  • To the right of the buttons is a status indicator showing the amount of memory currently in use and the percentage of what is available.
  • Above the graphs is a white space which can be used to post company notices and other information relevant to the users of the application.
The other three tabs besides the Performance tab are:
  • Menu - the main menu of the system
  • Workflow Activities - where administrators can mange the workflows and track their completion. The number shows the number of workflows that are active; and
  • Workflow - where a particular workflow can be visualized.
These tabs will be discussed in detail in the following pages.