Change Log or Record Info

Describes the Change Log and Record Info dialog
The Java Client Change Log
The Change Log or Record Info dialog displays information about the records and changes to a particular field or all fields. The top part of the dialog contains information about the field or tab of interest. The bottom part is a table listing the changes.
The Change Log is accessed:
For a ...
By ...
Clicking "
Change Log" in the pop-up menu for the field
Window Tab
Clicking the record count in the very bottom right of the window.


The Change Log entry will appear in the pop-up menu for most fields but the change log will only be kept for certain windows and fields.
Changes will only be recorded if made by a user with a Role having Maintain Change Log selected.
Further, only users with a Role that has the Preference Level set to Client Preference will be able to see the changes in Change Log.

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